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Teacher Packet

Mt. Agamenticus Teacher Information: Teacher's Packet This packet has been created to help teachers of all sorts lead students to explore and appreciate Mount A. We hope that the materials will allow you and your group to have an exciting and educational experience at the mountain.



In the packet you will find:

-Things to Consider
-Look Out For
     Poison Ivy
     Ticks and Lyme disease
     Story Walk
     Tree ID
     Scavenger Hunts
     Learning Lodge
     Leave No Trace
     Other Program Options
-Trail Descriptions
-Trail Map
-History of Mount A
-Closing Remarks
-Users Survey



Please review the packet before heading up to the mountain, as it contains information that will make your trip safe and memorable. Enjoy your time at Mount Agamenticus!

Click to download the Mount Agamenticus Teacher’s Packet (Temporarily unavailable- email Robin[at]agamenticus{dot}org for a copy)

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