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In April of 1975, in the early stages of this nation’s latest environmental movement, the “Save Agamenticus” committee was formed in response to a development proposal (3000 residential units). The committee was hoping to establish the area as a wilderness area or a wildlife preserve. The Mt. Agamenticus Steering Committee was also established in order to develop planning guidelines. Private land was purchased with an emphasis on preserving the natural resources, water quality and maintaining the recreational resources of the area.

Today Mount Agamenticus provides a rare opportunity to both outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife in the midst of rapidly growing York County. An attraction to tourists and locals alike, the mountain draws crowds of day-trippers to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from the Atlantic Ocean to New Hampshire’s White Mountains and to explore its 40+ miles of trails. According to a recent visitor’s survey, repeat visitors are increasing in number and travel to the area from neighboring towns in Maine and New Hampshire several times monthly to enjoy activities such as hawk and bird watching, hiking, biking, snow-shoeing, cross country skiing, hunting, and horseback riding.

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Spellings and meanings of "Agamenticus"

Accominta--Named by the natives of the York River.
Akukumigak--Chippewa, an expression referring to the place where land and water meet--the
Agamenticus or Accominticus--a small tribe of the Pennacook confederacy that occupied a village at or near present day York.

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Mount A Conservation Region consists of more than 10,000 acres of forest, wetlands, ponds and streams. It takes a lot of work to take care of this land. Support from volunteers helps protect this great place. Find out how you can help, by getting involved with Mt. A Conservation Region.